Beware of Natives

Release 022 · Sep — 2020

Come family, we need no crowns where we’re going. Our traditions and myths have been demonised and determined to be a poverty of spirit. Minds that carry anxiety will come for your spirituality, not to be called to the way of God, but to the way of their oppression. We need no saving by missionaries.
For centuries capitalists have gorged themselves with the wealth of The Third World. They continue extracting, absorbing, homogenising and commodify everything you have cultivated. They'll eat themselves while they remain over consumed and under fulfilled. Now they bury God. We need no saving by capitalists.
A future that belongs to the machine is a future that destroys precious things. What’s real anymore? The soul? Truth? Careless men with careless words made for emotion, not salvation, will charge political discourse. Be careful family, for violence is the language of the oppressor, and violence is the condition of the oppressed. The colonised man is an envious man and his aggression will be demonstrated against his own people first.
Come family. The innocence is lost, we cannot afford to be naive anymore. We must create a new image of ourselves without the shadow, stewardship or mimicry of Europe, America or China. We must begin the process of relearning or we will forever be dominated. We must make new discoveries, rehabilitate the environment and pursue the endeavour of becoming more complete human beings. Without us, mankind can never be truly fulfilled.