Spring 2021 Capsule at London Fashion Week

22nd Feb — 2021

Press Release Statement

Gravalot’s Spring 2021 capsule collection is an Afro-contemporary take on quintessential men’s tailoring, that embodies the evolving sartorial style of our complex era. While the global pandemic has blurred the lines between home and work, formal and informal, Gravalot has eloquently responded by incorporating leisurewear and workwear aesthetics in to this innovative collection. This highly desirable capsule collection inhabits this new space and appeals to our innate desires to look smart but feel comfortable.
The latest collection combines loose tailoring with the subtle militaristic aesthetics, exploring the poetic tension between male sensuality and sexuality. Lightweight, short sleeve, open collar shirts offer a relaxed tailoring that is matched by the wide-leg soft cotton trousers, yet starkly contrasted against the militaristic Sam Browne belt. Long sleeve sweaters with oversized ribbed waistbands cling to the tapering waist while inflating the chest and shoulders. An oversize white shirt is daubed with abstract black brushstrokes, undermining and challenging the cliche of the unblemished, pristine Savile Row shirt. Finally, an effortlessly elegant shawl-lapel suit is dramatically bisected at the waist. Charcoal black above and azure blue below, the suit reflects Gravalot’s clean and simple colour palette of azure, vermillion, sherwood green.
High resolution images of the latest collection are available here and directly on the London Fashion Week website. For more information about the collection or to arrange an interview with the designer contact [email protected].