Preview 3 of 2020 Collection

29th Nov — 2019

Press Release Statement

Preview 3 of Gravalot’s marquee collection for 2020, shot in Surulere, Lagos has been released. New pieces are beautifully crafted from woven Asò-ókè material, a textile native to the Yoruba tribe, maintaining Gravalot’s strong emphasis on sustainable materials, traditional techniques and local expertise. Strong & vibrant colours are used throughout the release, mixing tailored and loose fits with heavily textured textiles. This can be seen at
As the collection grows through to the 6th and final preview, it will continue exploring four stages of man: adolescence, manhood, elder and higher self. Drawing inspiration from ceremonies in Papua New Guinea, Maasai and Samburu cultures as well as the personal views of designer Onye Anuna, the collection presents three distinctive themes connected by the transition between the stages of manhood.
For more please email the team at [email protected].