Cotton Care Guide

19th Sep — 2021
Cotton is one of the most popular natural fabrics on Earth with a rich history. It’s soft, breathable, incredibly comfortable, and just as easy to care for. Unlike more difficult fabrics like leathers and silk, you can quickly learn how to care for your cotton garments and keep them in top condition for many years to come. Read on to learn how to care for your cotton garments.

Daily Care

Cotton requires little in daily care – cotton is a relatively forgiving fabric, so you don’t need to worry about heading to the dry cleaners every time you use a cotton garment. Simply follow the washing, drying, and ironing tips above and you’ll keep your cotton garments looking soft and fresh for years to come.

How to Wash Cotton

When it comes to washing cotton, always check the label. The label will tell you how they best recommend you wash your garment, most of which can be washed in the machine on a cool wash. Here are our top tips:
  • Almost all cotton garments can go in the washing machine without a worry – but do read the label
  • Always separate light and dark colours before the wash, and if you can, wash whites alone
  • If you hand wash, avoid rubbing or wringing the fabric too vigorously as it can encourage colour bleeding
  • If whites start to go yellow, you can use a light bleach solution (ideally, buy a purpose-built whitening product for cotton)
  • Dry on the line or to almost-dry in the dryer, as hot water and rapid drying can cause shrinkage
  • Do not use fabric softener – while it will make your laundry smell and feel great, it will cause the fibres to break down faster and your garment won’t last. Fabric softeners will also dull the finish of the finer forms of cotton

Dealing with Stains

Spilling something on your clothes is always a stressful moment, but don’t panic. With the right care, you can usually work a stain out of cotton. Follow our top tips below to efficiently remove stains from cotton:
  • If the stain just occurred, run the garment under the cold tap from behind the stain for 3-5 minutes, rubbing gently. You can repeat this 2-3 times.
  • Use colour-safe stain remover to pre-treat the stain, as well as areas that discolour over time, such as those exposed to antiperspirant, makeup, and perfume.
  • For older stains, rub laundry detergent into the stain and leave it to sit for about 5 minutes. Rub the stain gently, then rinse it with cold water from behind the stain. Repeat 2-3 times as necessary.
  • If you don’t have stain removing products to hand, you can try using vinegar solutions, lemon juice, colour-safe bleach, baking soda, and other household products, but make sure you thoroughly do your research before doing so and don’t use bleach on coloured fabrics if it is not specified to be colour-safe.

How to Iron Cotton

For best results, iron your cotton on a high heat when the garment feels just a little damp. You can use the steam function for any creases that have formed. If you want to avoid ironing, take your cotton out of the washing machine and hang on a hanger from the line or put on a hanger as soon as the dryer has finished. If your iron has a cotton setting, make use of it.
Caring for cotton doesn’t need to be complicated, but it’s important not to be careless if you want your cotton to last. Yes, your cotton will endure being thrown in with the rest of your laundry and look okay for a while, but over time, you will see the signs of lack of care. With just a little forethought, your cotton garments will feel soft and look as new for years to come.